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Led by a notary in Kiryat Ono, Rachel Rachel Shachar and her office staff as well as a team of lawyers in the family fields who provide notary services in the Ono Valley Kiryat Ono Givat Shmuel notary services in Ganei Tikva and Petah Tikva. Handling a notary signature or verifying a signature in a foreign language all over the country and all according to the notary price list 2021 in order to provide the best service. We represent high-tech people and business owners while integrating knowledge from the field of intellectual property. The staff of the notary services office in Kiryat Ono, Rachel Shachar, gives each notary service the attention and attention required for that notary service while providing immediate availability, all according to the 2021 notary price list.

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Attorney and notary Rachel Shachar

Attorney and notary Rachel Shachar

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