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Translation of a notary for certificates from abroad How do you get recognition from the Ministry of Health in Israel?

Translation of a notary for certificates from abroad How do you get recognition from the Ministry of Health in Israel?

If you have completed your studies in dentistry abroad, the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the list of notarized translations here for you.

Overseas graduates are required to submit to the Division of Licensing of Medical Professions an application for recognition of dental studies.

The application must include the following documents:

2 passport photos

2 photographs of an identity card, including the address appendix and the indication of status in Israel (citizenship or residency)

If the status in Israel is not indicated on the ID card, you can send a photocopy of an Israeli passport or a certificate from the Ministry of the Interior about the status in Israel.


  • Passport photo with a valid residence permit in the country
  • Questionnaire for professional health workers
  • Application form to be examined in the licensing exams in dentistry
  • Final diploma in dentistry from a recognized university or alternatively, approval from the university on graduation, completion of all commitments to the university and eligibility for a diploma in a profession to be awarded at a certain date
  • Official confirmation of the start and end date of the studies.
  • If the studies took place in more than one institution, official certificates must be presented on the course of studies and the courses taught in each institution and institution.
  • License to practice the profession from the country where the graduate studied and / or did business (if it is not possible to attach the license as requested, an explanatory letter must be attached)
  • Official work permits from the appropriate medical institutions, and an indication of the start and end date of work in each institution (in the relevant cases – workbook)
  • A certificate of professional integrity from the competent authorities in the country in which he studied or did business.
  • The certificate confirms that there are and have not been any complaints against the certificate applicant for discipline, negligence or professional ethics.

Translation and verification of certificates and documents

Original certificates should not be sent to the Medical Professions Licensing Division, only copies.

The fidelity of copies of the documents to the source must be certified by a licensed notary in Israel. The original notarized certificate (with the red ribbon) and another copy (a total of two copies) must be sent to the Division.

Documents that are not written in Hebrew or Arabic must be translated into Hebrew by a certified translator in Israel. A copy of the original document and its translation must be submitted.

The application must be sent by registered mail to the Division for Licensing of Medical Professions, Ministry of Health, 39 Jeremiah Street, PO Box 1176, Jerusalem 9101002.

Documents can be handed in for the office on the ground floor of the office, at the security post. The documents must be enclosed in an envelope. Be sure to get confirmation of delivery of the documents on the spot.

A full application must be submitted no later than 30 days before the exam. Incomplete applications or applications submitted less than 30 days before the exam will not be considered.

All documents that must be submitted must be translated by a notary first through a notary

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Thinking of a bachelor’s degree abroad? This can be medical studies, general physiotherapy or dentistry. You should check some important things before choosing the educational institution to which you are going to study.

Registration for undergraduate studies abroad is about to end, and if you too have considered studying abroad, I decided to check for you some important parameters regarding studying abroad.

So if you are considering studying medicine abroad the most important thing to do is to check if the Ministry of Health in Israel recognizes these studies

According to a statement from the Ministry of Health, the following is a list of universities that are not recognized in Israel:

Studies in Armenia According to information received from the Ministry of Health and published on their official website, following information received by the Medical Professions Licensing Division regarding the curricula in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy held at various university institutions in Armenia, a complaint was filed with the Israel Police.

The Division for the Licensing of Medical Professions clarified in its announcement that it is not possible to guarantee that studies in medical professions and the degrees given at academic institutions in Armenia will be recognized for the purpose of practicing these professions in Israel. Therefore, it is recommended at this stage not to study medical professions at Armenian universities. Such studies are at the discretion and sole responsibility of the student and it is recommended to consider the meaning of the above.

Regarding studies in Moldova, a statement was published on the Ministry of Health’s website, stating that representatives of the Ministry of Health had recently visited the Testmaciano School of Medicine in Moldova – where many Israeli students study.

During the visit, it was found that there is a significant gap in the clinical teaching of medical students, due in part to the small number of clinical fields relative to the number of students. Clinical teaching is a central and vital component in medical studies and failure to adequately meet this important component constitutes a significant impairment in the level of medical studies.

The Ministry of Health wishes to warn that the issue of clinical exposure will be taken into account in all the considerations for the decision to grant approval to take the licensing examination in Israel and will also constitute an important component in the licensing examination itself. Therefore, it will be clarified that at this time, it is not possible to guarantee that medical studies at the Testmaciano School of Medicine in Moldova will be recognized in order to grant a permit to practice medicine in Israel, including taking the government licensing exam.

As stated on the website of the Ministry of Health, medical studies at institutions abroad are at the sole discretion and responsibility of the student and it is advisable to consider the implications of the above.

Even if you have decided to study medicine or any other profession abroad, you should know that after graduation you will have to meet a number of academic requirements that cannot be overstated in importance.

For information on translating general practitioner certificates abroad, click here

Our office provides notarized translation services for certificates from German to Hebrew as well as from Russian to Hebrew or Ukrainian to Hebrew and provides a wide range of notarial services, including:

German notary services for wills

German notary services for the preparation of a power of attorney

German notary services for marriage or divorce certificates, certificates of financial agreements, certificates of integrity, death certificate and birth certificate.

We grant all types of notary certifications to German notaries and we will be happy to assist by calling 03-7949755 on Sundays-Thursdays

We also provide telephone advice on types of German notary certificates

We will be happy to assist 03-7949755

We provide all types of notarized German translation services in the Savyon area and we will be happy to help by calling 03-7949755 on Sundays-Thursdays.

How much do notarized translation services for diplomas abroad cost?

Tariffs for notary services are fixed by law – Notary Notice (Service Fees) 2006/06 which are updated from time to time. The following are examples of rates for translation approvals as of January 2020 (the final rate is determined according to a computerized word count in a document translated as of 2021. The prices published by the Ministry of Justice are as follows:

Total of 211 NIS + VAT: up to the first hundred words in the translated document.

Total of 167 NIS + VAT: for every hundred additional words or part of them in the document translated up to a thousand words.

Total of 80 NIS + VAT: for every hundred additional words or part of them over the first thousand words over a thousand.

Total of 66 NIS + VAT: for each additional copy.

Please send to our office by e-mail all the certificates you wish to translate.

Passport photographs must be submitted for the relevant spelling in the certificates.

If you request that the notary also confirm that the original certificate was presented to him, it must be brought to our office upon completion of the work.

The duration of treatment is only two business days

Our firm also provides apostille services for all certificates both apostille from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and apostille from courts all over the country.

For an article on the Foreign Ministry’s apostille services when we will need to click right here

For an article on apostille courts click right here

You can contact the office and we will be happy to assist you in this matter.

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