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Office services include:

Notarized power of attorney for irrevocable mortgage Notarized Certificate of Sale Documents in the United States Notary Certificates for Companies and Business Owners Notarized certificate for a minor to go abroad | Signature of a notary | Verification of a financial agreement by a notary | Notarized certificate for the purchase of an apartment | Notary certificates Affidavit of a relationship | Notary certificate with apostille | Apostille Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem | Notary certificate Copy of birth certificate | Financials | Apostille Notary Certificate | Notary Certificate in Kiryat Ono | Notary Copy Certificate in English | Notarized Certificates Forms | German Notary Certificate | Publicly Known Notarized Certificate Notarized certificate of will Mortgage Notary Certificate Consular Notary | Notarized matriculation certificate

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Attorney and notary Rachel Shachar

Attorney and notary Rachel Shachar

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